Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bowling fun!

Saturday night, we went out to dinner and bowling with Jeff and Emily.  Jeff said all there was to do in his small town growing up was to bowl, so he was really good.  I had to see this.  So off we went.  And here were the results of the night:

Emily got a picture without her eyes closed!! Cute hair :)

Hi, apparently I'm a midget

Gazing into his eyes

Oh hey.  Look at how long his hair is!

And yes folks, not to brag, but if you notice.....that 159 is my score!  Awesomeness...apparently I am the only person to date to beat Jeff in bowling.  This is monumental.

Hey Jim.  He asked me to take this.  So he could look cool.

And I introduce you to the small bill....Jimmy's winter wardrobe addition.  No comment.

Overall, it was a great night.  Dinner included couples therapy at it's best, as Jimmy and I had a "secret fight" all day Saturday (aka Brittany is secretly fighting/mad with/at Jimmy, but he doesn't know why.  He realizes she's mad.  He asks her why.  She says "I'm not mad", but he knows she is.  But they have been together too long now so he knows better than to ask why because that will just make her more mad.  True story folks).  So I talked through that....at dinner....after Jeff had earlier that day proclaimed to Emily that "Jimmy and Brittany never fight".  Ha ha.  Yes, we do old Jeff.  It's the joys of being in a relationship.  As long as you love that person enough to take the time to make up after a fight...and you can laugh about it later....then you know it's worth it.

Long story short...who wants to join a bowling league in KC?

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