Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What will I do now?

So the wedding is over. All the planning all the little DIY projects. All the crazy trips to Michaels/JoAnns/Hobby Lobby, etc. No more guest lists. No more wedding blogs (well, I'm not able to give that up quite yet). So WHAT DO I DO WITH MY TIME?

As Jimmy says, "she will find something to do". Yes, true story. So what is that? Well, apparently it's reorganizing the kitchen, this week at least. I wasn't really planning on it, but I had an itch to make things more organized and flow better for awhile and last Friday night- it hit me hard. So I reorganized the drawers and the tupperware cabinet. After grilling out, Jimmy and Danny were downstairs watching the game and came up to stuff everywhere....but I put it all back in a logical place :)

Tupperware cabinet after. You are lucky I didn't take a before. It was bad.

Spice cabinet!! WAHOO!! This was what really got me going. None of our spices were organized. Half were on the spice rack on the countertops and half were in this just stacked wrecklessly. Looking for a spice was dangerous! So I found this little spinner at Bed Bath and Beyond and it's actually the perfect fit! You have to de-assemble it when taking in and out, but how often does that happen? I also bought little glass spice jars for all the spices that weren't in fancy containers. Next up...labeling! Luckily I have a knack for paper after the wedding stuff!

Island drawers after. I moved all the pots/pans to the island so you can pull out the drawer and it's easier to get to them and see what your "options" are. It just drove me crazy hunting through the small cabinet by the stove!!

Crock pots galore....and a toaster oven and waffle maker!! Not heavy use items, but accessible when we need them!

Oh, and I've also started cooking healthy meals every night. I stole the idea to use from Vanessa and we are LOVING it!! So far, the last 2 nights of dinner have been delicious, nutritious, and not too much of a mess to make. JImmy helped me cook on Monday...and let me just say that we will be doing "lessons". He did a great job though! Just a little confusion between "T" and "t" in measuring and he said it himself that he doesn't have the timing down of finishing everything at once. Never fear Jim, your wife Brittany is here and I will help you become a wonderful cook!! But the best part was we got to use the new candlestick holders my grandma passed down to us last weekend!!

Now we are moving on to my NEXT project. Let's just call it an add on. If you had walked around out kitchen, you would know that we had dog bowls EVERYWHERE! And most of the time people that weren't used to them would kick the water over and accidentily run into them. Plus, the dogs all ate whereever and it seemed more logical to separate them. In come They had a post about cute little dog bowls that they transformed (used to be people bowls). So we went to Target on Sunday and found these dog "placemats" on sale that do not slide---and best yet, they match the kitchen! And then picked up some plastic, stylish people bowls that now are the dog bowls. Green for boys, White for girl. I'm loving it because there isn't water all over our floor (from spilling it but also from them drinking very sloppy) and they are loving it too!!

Boys are across the kitchen!

Next project?? I actually hesitated posting this picture because it's quite embarrassing. But this is our pantry. When Lauren lived here, 1/2 was hers and 1/2 was mine. Well ever since she moved out, I've just stuck stuff over there and this disorganization is NOT working for me. So bring on the labels!!!

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