Monday, May 10, 2010

Organize the kitchen, completed!

All right, so it was quite the weekend (this last weekend, trying to stay caught up), but in between Lyssa's wedding shower in the morning and her bachelorette party in the evening, I was able to sneak home and get a project and some cleaning done!

I really wanted to take a nap, however, I came home to my husband doing this: the gutters on the roof and putting gutter guards on, so I felt a little guilty for just sleeping. So I decided to tackle the pantry organization project. Remember the before picture?? Awful, right? And how full does the pantry look?

Well, I googled "how to organize a pantry" and it gave me an estimated completion time of 30-90 minutes, so I figured I could take that on. Simple steps: Take all the food out, assess what's good/bad, then put back in the pantry in a fashion that makes sense and is organized by group. Simple enough right?

Here is all the food out...then I cleaned all the shelves.

Then Jimmy joined in the fun. He was really happy haha!

And TA-DA! The organized pantry. Really there is almost the same amount of food in it, it's just SO much more organized, it's amazing! And with some labels of course. My mom asked who needed labels if it was just me and Jimmy living answer was so when he helps unload the groceries, he knows where things go :)

In one of our wedding fonts, Century Gothic, of course.

And I couldn't stop there. Oh no. I went one step farther....

In the spice cabinet that I had organized last week.....

And then I FINALLY labeled and am putting to good use the present Lauren bought me for my birthday last year! It's great to file the mail so it doesn't sit on the island all week---drives me crazy!

Oh hey :)

Ok, so now that I have proven to you I'm a freak and I really like having things organized...that's it! Next to organize: the office!

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