Friday, May 28, 2010

Best wife ever

5:15AM: Found this (thanks to Toby) in our backyard

5:20AM: Dragged Toby inside so he wouldn't do anything with it. Still wasn't sure what it was, but knew it was a dead animal

6:15AM: Breakfast eaten, ready for work, mention to sleeping husband that we have something dead on the ground in our backyard, but for him not to worry because I have it all taken care of. (haha) Only because I know how much he hates rodents and especially ones with tails....long this one.

6:30AM: I am a woman on a mission. I have rubber gloves in hand and 3 plastic grocery bags

6:32AM: I realize I don't want to actually have to touch the thing @ all. So I get a small shovel

6:33AM: I immediately nix the small shovel idea and go into the garage for a very large shovel

6:34AM: Incessant gagging, vomit noises, deep breaths, closed eyes, peering at the bedroom window seeing if these noises are loud enough to wake Jimmy up and make him feel bad (no luck on that), and moving the shovel around so I can get the large rat on it

6:35AM: Rat is in plastic bag, I carry outside of the fence. Trash day isn't until next Thursday, so not sure what to do with it until then.

6:36AM: Willy figures out what is going on and comes to check it out- too late luckily, but he can still smell it. I will need to hose that all down.

6:38AM: Pack my lunch, make my coffee and off for the day.

7:01AM: Arrive at work, send Jimmy the picture of the rodent via text. He makes gagging sounds (via text). I tell him, he's not allowed to do that since I took care of it. And that I deserve the best wife ever award. He agrees, as he should.

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  1. Wow, you are awesome. I would have NEVER been able to handle that.