Thursday, May 27, 2010

Signs that SUMMER is here!

Jimmy told me that my last post about career management was a little too serious and "deep" for him (apparently he doesn't think I'm capable of being serious). So, I decided my post today would be happy and exciting, full of color and smiles and water and flowers....summer in a nutshell, right?

It's HERE! As we approach the glorious start of summer with Memorial Day weekend, the signs are everywhere that it truly has arrived and I think this summer is going to be a great one! Here are some signs that I have seen recently...

- Morning sunshine!!! I go to work early in the morning, so most of the year it's dark when I drive to work before 7. But not during the summer! I'm much more energized because the sun is up, the grass is green, the birds are chirping and life is good as I head off to work. This is a great picture I found that demonstrates that great feeling :)


- Quik Trip 49 cent fountain drinks. yes, you read right. ONLY 49 CENTS. What a deal for a 32 oz drink. Lauren and I love this and when we lived together last summer, this was a regular thing. I saw a sign yesterday that they were back.....a true sign of summer time.


- Wedding season is in full force! If the weekend plans don't actually entail the actual wedding, there is an event leading up to it that we have on our calendar each weekend. Can't wait to see all our wonderful friends tie the knot and be a part of their special day!

Summer wedding line up looks like....
- Erica's bachelorette party in New Orleans...
- Christin and Matt's wedding and Molly's bachelorette party in KC
- Erica and Andrew's wedding in Dallas....and Kristin and Nick's wedding in KC, don't worry we haven't figured out how to be in the same place at the same time...we'll be in Dallas celebrating with the happy couple, but wish Kristin and Nick the absolute best on their wedding day!!!
- Lyssa and Kevin's wedding
- Molly and Taylor's wedding!!!!
- And this continues into the fall with Bobby and Hillary's wedding!! YEAH!

- Pools are opening! I can't wait to hit up the pool with friends and maybe even a few lake trips!

- Family reunions and family trips are right around the corner! True family reunion and annual Carter trip are also summer plans :)

Picture from the last family vacation trip to Branson!

- Interns are everywhere!! You know it's summertime when you walk into the cafeteria at work and going through the salad bar and paying takes 10 minutes longer than normal because you have "fresh meat" that aren't used to the cafeteria routine! However, at the same time, I realize how bad I want a summer vacations and I become very envious of my family and friends that work in education or my sister that still has a year of college left!!!

- Planting and maintaining flowers /landscaping is a weekly activity! I planted some of these babies last weekend and can't wait to see them bloom!


- Summer house projects are about to begin now that our full time contractor (my dad) is off work for the you might be seeing some house posts soon!

Hoping to not have any of these surprises this summer....coming home to this last summer was a bit scary!

- It's HOT....well maybe just for us because again, our AC doesn't work---STILL. Happened last year also, check out a similar blog post in 2009

- Softball. Yep, the annual softball league the Jimmy and his brothers play in is about ready to kick off. That means Thursday nights at the Knights park..playing with kids and more pictures like this!

- Smiles are everywhere :)
What do you think of when you think "summer"? Has to put a smile on your face....

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