Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun with friends- out with Lyssa!

Ok, so in between organizing the kitchen, I did attend some fun festivities with my friends to kick off the wedding celebration that will take place June 26 between Lyssa and Kevin! How freaking adorable is this picture- I didn't take it, Sara did though :) Mother and daughter---Kinley is SO cute!!!!

However, I did get a few pictures of the super awesome limo ride and a dance that Garten put here you go!

In the HUGE limo!

Sup Mrs. Strathman...

Just hanging out....

Mrs. Strathman and soon to be Mrs. Krumholtz :) Yeah for a fun night!!

And here is a nice little video of Garten dancing and doing her thing. Haha, I didn't get the best part!!

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