Friday, May 28, 2010

Pillow Talk

Now in most circumstances, I would say pillow talk stays where it belongs- right next the pillow.

However, last night's was too funny---I cannot help but share.

*Lights are out, time for bed*

Jimmy breathes on Brittany.
Brittany starts laughing. Jimmy asks what is so funny.
Brittany: "Your breath. It smells musty"
Jimmy: "What does that mean? TText Colorhat's stupid"
Brittany: "Like when I smell your breath and my eyes are closed, I think to myself: "Am I in an old library of an old mansion with musty books?""

Brittany starts hysterically laughing to herself---UNCONTROLLABLY---and cannot stop thinking about being in a library in the Jumanij house with those kids for some reason. An old musty library. She tells Jimmy about her thoughts.

Jimmy: "What is that? What do you mean Jumanji? Is that another stupid kids book or movie I don't know about, like is it a book?? Like Jungle Book??"
(Emily Mc- you might be the only person that will think this is hilarious. But at work, they were apparently talking about the kid's movie the Jungle Book and Jimmy had never heard of it and kept asking what "book" they were talking about)

Brittany: "No, it's a movie with a weird game and random animals"
Jimmy pouting silently (I imagine he had a pouty lip- but it was dark, so I cannot confirm)
Jimmy: "Well you know what your breath smells like??? Jalapenos and rotten nacho cheese..."

Guess if you cannot be honest with your spouse and tell them what you really think, who can you be that brutal with? :)

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