Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome home, Toby!

Now that I am the mom of 3 dogs (we like to refer to it as blended families), with Toby's permanent house now being where Milly, Willy and I previously resided, life has become more interesting. Instead of just hanging out with my little dogs, I now have a big dog to entertain and take care of and love. It's been a new world to me because a big dog does things so different than little ones. He requires more food, a little big more love, and absolutely more exercise!

With Willy gaining 3 lbs when he stayed with my parents over the honeymoon, I made it a priority to take Milly and Willy on a walk everyday and we have a goal of making it to Corinth Square to go to Land of Paws by the end of the summer :) There walks are short though and Toby requires just a tiny bit more exercising. So, that means I take him on runs with me! Yes, I have found my running partner for the summer time. He pulls me a little harder, just when I need it. I have been running 3 miles with him and by the time we get back to the house, we're both pretty exhausted. I will say that Ceaser Milan (the dog whisperer) might just have something going with that the more exercise a dog gets, the better behaved :)

So overall, with a new running partner and someone that can protect me, I'm really liking having Mr. Tobias around. Milly and Willy are getting used to him, but they are getting along ok! He's a great guard dog and will always let you know when someone is coming up to the house or there is someone outside (like you know, your weird neighbor across the street that chooses to water his lawn at 10:30PM with a flashlight on his head....). With that said, this post is dedicated to him. Milly and Willy have had plenty of time to shine, so Toby, show them what you got :)

Just chilling in the sun shine and the freshly cut grass. Check out that bushy tail. Haha

I think he had his sight on a big stick at this point

So cute :) What a fun cuddler. Now that we have a king size bed, he welcomes himself to sleep at the bottom of it every night (above the covers) and I let him stay! Haha.

Toby and Milson, walking down the street.....(only Jimmy will understand this)

And here, finally is a funny video of him playing with a HUGE stick in the yard this weekend. I think he might have overestimated it's size, but it was funny to watch him run with it! Gotta love good old Toby Joseph! So glad you are finally a permanent resident. And I already have gotten Jimmy to tell me how amazed he is that Toby listens to me so well :) What can I say, I'm a natural!

***And the video will not post. I even tried to get it overnight. I'll try again. Sorry, but it's funny**

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