Sunday, May 2, 2010

The wedding post I: Thursday & Friday

All right- I sincerely apologize for the lack of posting the last 2 weeks since we’ve been back. No excuses. However, I will say….it’s been one of those things that I have had in my mind I need to do a wedding post and honeymoon post before I can start back with “regular programming”. And for some reason (as my sister knows), I have had this block/anticipation with what I’m going to write/say/document for the world as my thoughts on our wedding day. So, here we go…the short synopsis of what literally what the most amazing 3 days. But we’ll start with just the first 2, so you don’t get bored of course.
Jimmy & I both took off Thursday before the wedding and WHAT.A.DAY. Wow. We were supposed to take a whole list of things to the rehearsal on Friday to hand off to the wedding planners (programs, sundae bar stuff, napkins, cheez its and bowls, candles, etc). However, once I took a good look at all the boxes of things that were sitting in our garage, I made the executive decision it would be much less stressful to just take everything to Aquinas on Thursday and put it in my mom’s office so it was there and we didn’t have to worry about it. Great idea. So, packed car loads later, my mom and I had unloaded everything I had worked on from the last year of my life in her office. You could barely walk in her office if that gives you an idea of how much stuff there was.

After that big to do was checked off, I just needed to finish up a few last minute things with the name cards- as I wanted to alphabetize before giving to the wedding planners and also double check them against our RSVP list to make sure I got everyone’s name that was attending. However, I didn’t get to any of that and before I knew it family was already getting in town and we were off to dinner with my family, aunt, and cousins that had just come in town from Colorado. A nice good meal at Jose Peppers does any bride to be good before her big day ☺

Friday came early and poor Lauren had to head into work early to finish some last minute things, so I headed out around 9:30AM to Par Exsalonce where I was meeting all the bridesmaids and we were getting a manicure or pedicure, courtesy of the wonderful groom (he’s nice). It was so great to relax with them while getting our feet and hands rubbed and get to see everyone, as most had come from out of town.

After that we still had an hour or so to kill before lunch, so we headed over to Von Maur to look around. And I think out of nerves, or some impulse, I bought a pair of really cute Steve Madden cowboy boots that were on sale. Wedding day nerves purchase was my justification for that I guess! Then it was off to Nick and Jakes for lunch with the bridesmaids, my aunt Susan, and my mom. It was delicious and they were awesome! The manager even came over and wished me well for the wedding and gave me my lunch for free!!

Back home to get ready for the rehearsal. However, combined with groom to be texting me every ten seconds telling me he forgot something at our house and if I could bring it and attempting to recheck and alphabetize the name cards, I had about 15 minutes to get ready. Luckily, I had gotten to borrow the cutest white dress ever from Jamie Smith with her shoes that she wore to her rehearsal dinner, so there was no delay on outfit choices! There was on minor freak out. After we were dressed and Lauren and I were headed out the door….I was trying to pick up the name cards in alphabetical order (oh yeah, because I had forgotten 3 people and had to make their name cards at the last second) and put in a bag to hand over to the wedding planners…..and I dropped them. I freaked. I yelled, “Lauren!! I am sweating. I just dropped the name cards”. She ran downstairs, told me not to freak out and helped me pick them up and off we went. Thank God for good friends!

We got to the rehearsal and everyone was on time and looked very sharp! Father Mike and Chris, the church wedding planner, did an amazing job of coordinating everyone and walking through how the ceremony will work. I have to say, I have only been to one other rehearsal and it was for the Calcara wedding in November…so that’s how I thought rehearsal’s worked. Apparently not?? ☺ So after we knocked out the business part of the evening, it was off to Barley’s Brewhaus down the street for the rehearsal dinner. It looked SO beautiful and Sue, Jimmy’s mom, did an amazing job of decorating and making it very personal! The cutest thing of the whole night had to have been the little figurines/cake toppers that a friend of hers made that were of Jimmy & me and then our 3 dogs. It even looked like my dress- the chest of the figurine might have been a little over inflated, but we can all hope. Willy was even perfectly positioned on his back with Milly rubbing his stomach and then Toby tail was nice and fluffy! I’m obsessed!

Bride and groom!

Maid of honor, Lyndsay, and her bf, Andrew

Best man, Bobby, and fiance, Hillary! Can't wait for their big day in October :)

The menus, flowers, the video, food, drinks….everything was wonderful and so fun!! I’m so thankful to have wonderful in-laws ☺

Super cute menus Sue made!

Gorgeous flowers she arranged beautifully!

After that, Lauren and I said goodbye to our boyfriends and it was back home. The next day brought an early morning and a wedding!!! Unlike most brides though, I apparently have no problem sleeping. I fell asleep about 2 minutes after my head hit the pillow. Then 6AM came around….and I was ready to get married!!!

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