Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The honeymoon post

So we got married the day before and had a beautiful ceremony and reception...and then we were off VERY early in the morning to Cancun, since it was the only direct flight from KC—so we were off at 7:15AM. Tired. Beat. Married.

Jimmy’s suitcase barely made the 50 lb mark, but that’s understandable since literally my friend Van could fit in there.
Once we arrived, we were greeted with our private transportation that took us to our gorgeous resort: Excellence, Playa Mujeres.

However, we got there around noon and we couldn’t get into our room until 3. So I went off to buy a new ring to “replace” my engagement ring and wedding band that were back in KC getting put together. And then passed out on the lobby couch. It must have been a combination of pure exhaustion and the welcome glass of champagne that we got. Then Jimmy dragged me up for some lunch and then it was back to the lobby to wait and sleep. Once we finally got in our awesome room, we went straight to the bed. To sleep. Get your mind out of the gutter. We were literally exhausted and needed that sleep! But then it was off to dinner for the first night: Italian was where we chose to go. We were a little overdressed, but that’s ok. Then Jimmy started the bath water and turned on the Jacuzzi jets a little too soon and got a little wet, oops!

The next day, we were off to the beach after a delicious breakfast (I’m pretty sure the breakfast was our favorite part). After some application of SPF 50, we quickly found a waiter that brought us lots of drinks. And I think Jimmy had like 5 margaritas before lunch.

Jimmy applying the sunscreen!!!

Our lovely waiter...

After lunch, we hit up the pool! Now at the pool, there were lots of young people, like us, but also lots of older folks and some not from America. Hence, why they were topless. It was awkward, but I think Jimmy liked it. There were also a TON of people that were just fried from the sun. It was awful, so we kept applying sunscreen---but Jimmy still got burned….just that fair skin he has!

We went to the Asian place that night for dinner and Jimmy tricked me and told me he’d split Pad Thai with him. Well, he ended up eating the whole thing (he claims because it was SO delicious) and I was left with my gross chicken fried rice. I was not happy. He thought it was really funny. I’m still mad about it. The funniest part was all the Mexican men that were dressed in Asian attire. Then we went to watch the dancers from the Caribbean. It was ok, but the music video at the beginning was the best.

Tuesday, we were up and to the pool all day. It was nice, but we stayed in the shade to not get really burned and after I finished my book, Jimmy got restless. So we went to walk around the resort and played a few games of tennis. This is when my husband stated that he would beat me. And then I killed him 3 games to 0. I told him I had ridiculous hand-eye coordination, but he didn’t believe me ☺ Then we went to our travel agent company and bought a few excursions, one for Wednesday (Jungle tour) and then one for Friday ( trip to the island for shopping, etc). That night we headed to the Flavor Market, which was a restaurant that had a variety of foods in little portions. It was interesting and not a lot people were there, but it turned out to be delicious!! I did get a rose during dinner- which I posed with, naturally :)

Then we went to casino night and played blackjack with fake money and won a LOT. The chubby dealer loved us, even though he was sweating the whole time....it was rather hot with lots of lights on him. But we didn't stay for the "prize" because we were tired (and Jimmy was burnt).

Wednesday, we were up early and waiting in the lobby to be taken to our jungle tour. It was raining, which was awesome because we had paid money to go on boats in the ocean, but whatever. We met a nice couple from Texas in the van on the way there who got married on our wedding day too, but they were going to swim with dolphins. There were tons of people at the place in which 4/5 of them got on the boat to go to the island (with our new "friends") and then the remaining people were the suckers that were going out on the small little boats mid-storm. So when there was finally a break in the clouds and rain, we all hopped in our boats and off we went. On the way out the snorkel area and through the "jungle" of the ocean, we were behind this French couple and the guy was a crazy crazy driver and Jimmy was getting so angry because it made our ride very rough because he was making big waves!! But we survived, snorkeled and then we were headed back.....that's when trouble hit.

Us in the boat after snorkeling.

Then about 1/2 way back to the place, when we were literally in the middle of the ocean- a very large and heavy rainstorm struck. As if we weren't freezing before, just getting out of the water and speeding across the ocean...the wind made it a little chilly, but then the rain came and all I could hope for was some ocean water to spray up on me so I could feel some warmth. I'm not trying to sound dramatic....but I literally am not sure if I have ever been colder than I was on that boat ride. Thank goodness Jimmy took one for the team and safely got us home. Not sure how he saw where he was going with the rain and ocean water spraying up...but he did. Thank god I married someone with 20/20 vision I guess?

It rained the rest of the afternoon after we got back, so Jimmy got drunk off of mini-fridge beer and I read my book :) Then we got restless....that is when we got picture crazy. I mean we were stuck in a room all afternoon....so here we go...

My drink of choice.....

That night we headed to the Mediterranean restaurant and Jimmy tried some veal and the food was great. It was also circus night, so we went to that and sat with some of our new "friends". The show was good and we were all hanging around talking after..the girls and the guys separated (like middle school...disregard the fact that we are now all married adults). The girls decided it was time to go, so we told the guys we were ready. Then Jimmy proceeded to go to the bathroom and then to the bar.....I yelled across the room to tell him we were leaving and no one needed another drink. He looks me straight in the eye and then turns around and orders 3 beers. He came back, we left, and naturally, got in a fight. His defense was, "we're on our honeymoon, we can't fight". My response: "Marriage is real life and me being mad at you---that's real"

Thursday we made "spa day". The spa was called Miile--pronounced "mee-lay"--which looks like Milly, our dog, so of course that became the theme of the trip. Every night they would come in to turn down our bed and they would turn on the TV to the spa channel and it always said:

"Miile, our all inclusive spa...."

...becomes in Jimmy & Brittany world..

"Milly, our all inclusive dog..."

Anyways, we made appointments for 2 massages and 2 facials. Yes, I made Jimmy try a facial. It was funny. But the spa was great- the highlight of the "pre spa session" was standing in a shower and having a lady tell me to pull a string to release a bucket on my head that had cold water. Then walking in a pool of cold water, then hot water. Interesting. But then we were taken to the "VIP" room on the top of the building and got the most marvelous massages ever...they had such soft skin!! And then facials. After mine...we were just laying there and the lady came up and said "mrs...look at your husband, he looks like Batman". HAHAHA...he did! Because she didn't put any mask on his beard, so it was just around his eyes and on his forehead. It was so funny :) Overall, it was a wonderful experience and it truly was an all inclusive experience....

Then we got dressed up and went to the Mexican restaurant. And I was really hyper (surprise, surprise). So I took pictures of us at dinner. This is the only one I will put on the blog- as I feel like I'm very picture heavy- but this is Jimmy really mad at me at dinner.

I really like this picture of us :)

Ok done. Then we went to dinner and then to the Michael Jackson show- which was crazy because the guy really did look like him. I guess they travel around and have been for awhile because Vanessa and Chris saw them on their honeymoon!! But they did a great job and put on a great show!!

Friday, our last day, came way too fast! However, the sun didn't come back, as we hoped. We had bought an excursion to go shopping and laying out on the island...but we were not going in the rain again, so we canceled it. They tried to give us trouble, but I kept strong and said- No senor....give us all our money back. And they did. We did sit at the pool, I read two books, but it was a little too chilly to get in the pool and I actually had to put a towel on my legs, but that's ok--at least we were outside! Then that night, we finished up by going to the French restaurant. Jimmy didn't want to go there, but I said "we should try something new!" and he got some duck and venison and I tried escargo (it was sick...). But overall, the best experience at a place we've had because it was very slow and a relaxing dinner. Then we just went back to the room because it was too rainy to do anything!

Of course on Saturday, we got up and it was perfect weather. Sunny, hot, beautiful! And it was Jimmy's 26th birthday!! YEAH! But it was the day for us to go.....so we just went to breakfast and lunch then back to the airport.

Jimmy's HUGE suitcase....

Funny story at the airport. Right after we finished checking in we were so excited, but then I had to go to the bathroom and so did he. So we started walking to them and I ended up following Jimmy halfway into the men's bathroom---I realized it when I was already in there and he turned around and said "what are you doing in here?" and then I ran out! Oops!

So we were on our way back to Kansas City as Mr and Mrs Carter....where my dad was waiting to pick us up with 3 signs on his car. One said : "the Carters", one said "Welcome home mom and dad! love Milly, Willy and Toby" and then the third said "Happy birthday Jimmy!!" He accidentally got there about 3 hours early, but Roger always takes it like a champ had a good attitude about it!

All in all, it was a great trip and we went out to dinner for Jim's birthday to Red Robin with my dad and then over to Ben's new house to hang out with Jimmy's friends :)

OK- done with wedding posts! YEAH!!!!!!!

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  1. So funny! We had the same honeymoon, so I know EXACTLY what restaurants you are talking about, Spa (bucket with spring, hot and cold pool), snorkeling, etc. So much fun! Only differences were that you had rain and we didn't and I got food poisoning and you didn't- good thing. I would have taken rain any day!!!!