Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mothers Day! (2 days late!)

Ok, I know, I know. Mother's day was 2 days ago and I didn't write this post 2 days ago...however, I didn't have time because I was busy spending the day with my mom and grandma and then Jimmy's mom and grandma...so that's my excuse :) It's a good one I think!

But where do you start on thanking your mom and wishing her a very happy mother's day? I'm not quite sure. Probably because words don't even begin to express how thankful and lucky I am to have such a wonderful mom, role model and friend in my life (and Lyndsay is too!). So as good as this will do...Mom, thank you for all you do and the way you support us always in everything we do and talk about doing. You are always there to celebrate with us when we succeed and comfort us when things don't go our way. And now you are a great friend also :) THANKS BARB!

And thanks to Ona Belle (pictured below) and Dorothy (pictured here) for being such wonderful mothers and role models to both of my parents. You all are such wonderful role models and I can only hope to be mothers like you are...

At Red Lobster on Mother's Day with Jimmy, my dad, my mom, my uncle (Roland), my grandmother and grandfather....

Mom and daughters at my bridal shower earlier this year

Mom and daughters at my wedding!

This year was also my first mother's day having a mother in law too. While Sue has been in my life awhile, this is the first eyer it's official. And with how wonderful she was with all the wedding stuff and just the was she and Red have been there for Jimmy and I has been amazing. I also know it took a lot to raise 5 boys into 5 wonderful men....that's pretty much amazing in my book and I have a lot to learn from her someday whenever I become a mom!!

Here are my two baby dogs that I have been lucky enough to be a mom dog to for almost a full two years now :) Love them! And now I get to be dog mom to Toby too !!!

And while I'm only just a dog mom, Jimmy was nice enough to give me a little mother's day surprise from the whole family!!! He got some washable finger paint and got all the dogs to put their paw prints and "write" me a note. So cute :) I need to get a frame to hang this up. Haha. He's so sweet! And then he also got us Royal's tickets for this Wednesday night to go to BUCK night. I love hot dogs, so as long as it doesn't rain....we off to see the Royal's game for the first time of the season and to nosh on some yummy $1 food!!

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