Monday, May 24, 2010

The inevitable...

We closed on our house a year ago on Saturday (happy year anniversary as homeowners to us!). On Saturday I told my dad how our home warranty expires that we got with the house and we hadn't gotten around to renewing because we were looking to use another company. That never happened. Either of them. So I told my dad, I bet you that the minute our home warranty expires...something will go wrong.

What do you know? We tried to turn on the AC on Saturday when we got back from dinner because the temperature had shot up and it was really hot/humid. Yep, it doesn't work. Just like it didn't 3 times last year, conveniently on the hottest days of the summer. Just like Saturday- the hottest day of 2010 so far in KC and we have no air. And no home warranty to cover our defunct AC.

Not Jimmy's fault, not my fault but our fault. However, because I'm hot, sweating and cranky 24/7 now...I'm betting Jimmy wished he would have just renewed it :)

We shall see how the rest of this story plays out........

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  1. YUCK, that's terrible!!! I just read my cousin Lindsey's blog and their AC broke this weekend too…only she is 7 months pregnant! So I guess it could be worse! :)