Monday, May 10, 2010

Posts that I missed #1: Jimmy's birthday

Ok, so this was a long time ago, about 3 weeks. But Saturday, April 17 was Jimmy's 26th birthday!! And I missed the post just for him. So here it is :)

Reasons I can't wait to be around when Jimmy for the next 26 years....

1) He loves KU so much that he cries when they win the national championship. Oh and he loves his friends. No really, I do love his passion for things (including KU)! I can only hope that he finds more passion in all the things he does in life and I can be there to support him!

2) I love his friends and family a lot!! His friends continue to crack me up when they are around and are just all around great guys- he's very lucky to have them (and so am I!). His family is amazing as well and I am lucky to be a part of it now...and can't wait to be around as it continues to grow :)

3) The fact that he puts up with my ridiculousness at times.....just a quick example would be right after this picture was taken in December of 2006. This was when he got me a diamond necklace that was a circle....five minutes before I opened it I blurted out in the car how I hope he didn't get me the "trendy circle necklace" because they are so trendy. And then I opened up a diamond circle necklace. I do love it now.....but OOPS. Or how he got me a nice watch for my birthday and I didn't like the color of the face and said it was too expensive, but am still wearing it almost 3 birthdays later. And the diamond earrings....I flipped out when he got me those and said that I didn't want them and he should take them back and get me a Wii, but he refused. Yep, wore them to work today and almost everyday. But I will say, as much complaining as I did, he took it in stride and probably secretly smiles every time I wear them. Maybe Jimmy really does know best :)

4) The way he can always make me smile. This was New Years Eve 2007 in Manhattan- freezing cold outside- but still smiling :) And it's even better when he makes me laugh...hard...I love that.

5) That he asked me to spend the rest of his life with him :) And it was the best day ever!!

Love you Jim and can't wait for many more birthday celebrations to come!!

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