Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can't help myself!!

Ok, so my sister is getting a dog on Friday. A freaking ADORABLE dog- the dog you see right here! I'm so so excited. She is done with finals today and then coming back to KC...then she and her bf (Andrew) and his parents are driving to Texas to go pick her up. Then they are visiting Andrew's older brother and his wife in Houston. What a fun weekend!!! Better yet, she'll be back in time for me to get some QT (quality time) with my new niece and have her cousins (Milly, Willy and Toby) over to play!!!!!! YEAH for new wiener dogs!! And look at her little bitty tail...just like Daisy's tail (my parents girl wiener dog). This will put us up at a total of 5 wiener dogs in my immediate family and 6 dogs total. I love it.

Her name is Lani...not sure if the middle name has been confirmed or not, but yes Emily, this is the same name of your dog :) Haha!

Ok, just keep drooling over the cutest little weeny dog ever (minus mine of course..).

And speaking of dogs, Ms Erica Snyder got a dog named Della....and I'm waiting, waiting, waiting patiently for her to debut Della to the dog world. Being an aunt and all, I have already received several videos/pictures via email and text message, but I want more!!!

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