Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Carter filled weekend Part 1: Concert!

We kicked off this weekend in style by heading downtown KC for a night out on the town with some of the Carter gang! Jimmy's parents bought AWESOME tickets to the James Taylor/Carole King reunion concert that was at the Sprint center and we were so happy they asked us to join in the fun with them :) Mike and Lindsay and Bobby and Hillary came too! First we hit up the Cigar box for a delicious meal and then walked over to the Sprint Center where we got in VIP style because Bobby got some great tickets into the Founders Club that his work owns. With it's own bar and entrance, it made for easy and fast entry!

The show kicked off right at 8, with no opening acts. And it was WONDERFUL. Just a great concert that proved you don't really NEED all the thrills and frills that artists do these days and that people will come if you have talent and they want to hear you sing. It was a full crowd (sold out) and all they did was stand on the stage and sing with the band. No dancers, no anything. And it was awesome. Can I say that one more time?? Even more astounding is how neither of them (James or Carole) are by definition "young" anymore, but they did amazing and their voice and talent have withstood many years!

The circle stage set up at the Sprint Center. Had never seen it like this before but it was a rotating stage and it was awesome!

James just hanging out. He was hilarious when he talked to the crowd!

James and Carole during their last song (2nd encore) which they sang together. So good!

Jimmy and I at our seats!

The whole Carter clan that joined in the fun!!

Thanks to Jimmy's parents for inviting us, it was so much fun! I did not think I knew any Carole King songs, but I did and Jimmy's dad was funny and pointed it out to me that I "should know" this one or that one. And she was the one that wrote the song that played in the hair color commercials---you make me feel like a natural woman........ :)

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