Monday, May 10, 2010

Posts that I missed #2: Erica's shower!

Ok, so the weekend after we got back from our honeymoon....we flew to Dallas (all the bridesmaids) to host a wedding shower for Miss Erica Snyder...the bride to be on June 19--so soon!!

As always, Dallas was an amazing time. Vanessa met Emily and I at the airport where Heather was nice enough to pick us up and then we were off to dinner with all the DFU and Carol Snyder, who was in town for the festivities!! It was a very delicious meal and I actually saw one of Jimmy's cousins while we were sitting at the table- small world. Then it was off to an SMU bar, full of very rich and very fancy people. Haha.

Me and Payson and Rachel- part of the DFU :)

The other side of the table!

Matron of Honor #1- doing her thing and getting the bride to be drunk

Matron of Honor #2- getting it DONE

PS- all the pictures are stolen from Vanessa's facebook album---as I didn't take any Friday night and just a few on Saturday! Thanks V :)

The next morning Vanessa and I tried to get up and head to CostCo early, but that didn't work because they weren't open. Haha. The host and her mom made us a delicious breakfast of a fruit and yogurt parfait and then we were off to the bridesmaid bootcamp the Erica was hosting us at with her trainer at Cooper Aerobics. And then there was a surprise visitor- Andrew's sister, Kristine, made the trek all the way to Texas from Nebraska!!! Yeah :) I'm so glad she could make it and hang out with all of us- it was so great to have her there.

Pretty much April, Erica's trainer at Cooper, kicked our butts---after a little warm up, we did some intense intervals at different stations with our partners. It was pretty fun and make me realize how much I missed bridal bootcamp and the structured work outs :) We ended the work out with a nice walk around the Cooper complex, with Erica as our tour guide. It was really beautiful and full of lots of healthy people working out- of course. Check out the blog that Erica helps manage as their PR Manager- she's a stud with her own office!!

After that we were off to a delicious lunch at Central Market- a VERY upscale grocery store with a little restaurant in it. It was delicious....and for the record Erica, nothing like Hy-Vee--haha!

Finally, we were off to do what our main goal was there, to get supplies for the shower that started at 6PM. With our trusty CostCo cards in hard, we headed a way away from Dallas to get all the supplies we need for the wine and cheese themed shower. Of course, it had everything we needed at a great price and even some beautiful flowers! But as we left, we realized we forgot the most important part---6 bottles of wine to gift to Erica as part of our present. We then drove around for an hour by Erica's house looking for a liquor store---turns out she lives in a dry county but luckily we found some trashy place that only sold beer and wine, but we were good to go and luckily all the other bridesmaids were already showered and ready so they could set up and we could get ready :)

And ladies and gentlemen....I present to you, our final product! Complete with recommended wine and cheese pairings! I have to say....the bride to be LOVED it! We all knew that she would, but were very happy she was excited!!

There were a great group of girls to help her celebrate and lots of awesome presents!!! I think overall, she had a great time and so did all of us!!!

The table set up- Vanessa's wonderful handwriting!

The set up on the island---and you can see Erica's sweet new countertops!! And Heather being creepy...what's new?

Um, I think she likes it :)

All the shower attendees working on their game!

She LOVED this present!

The bride and all her bridesmaids :) Getting excited for New Orleans and June 19!

Then we were off to Uptown for the night- and things got a little crazy on the dance floor.

Everyone prior to the dancing fools...

The bride has some moves we have never seen...

Heather and I dancing, luckily I wasn't sweating :)

And after a fun and tiring weekend, we were off to the airport bright and early and back home. But never fear our Dallas friends, we will see you all again in only a few short weeks in New Orleans and then again in Dallas at the Wassinger/Snyder wedding shin-dig! Yeah for fun, friends, and good times....


  1. Best weekend ever! I can't believe that my favorite girls were in the same city at the same time! :) Can't wait for the wedding!!! Even more favorites are coming down!!!

  2. PS thank you Brittany for the wonderful weekend!